SOUND STROKES STUDIOS  takes pride in providing quality musical education to professional and amateur students.

Since 1982 our methods of blending traditional foundations with up-to-date genres and state-of-the-art technology, succeed in preparing our students for what has and will appear on all musical horizons.   We commend those who venture out into this exciting world of music, becoming a vital link to the sounds of all our tomorrows.   Developing knowledge and providing guidance is not only our pleasure - IT IS OUR HONOUR.

Past community events sponsored, or produced*  by  Sound Strokes Studios  include:
Talent Contests*  -  Festivals  -  Parades  -  Art In The Park  -  Songfest*  -  All  Children's  Theatre*

B.F.A.,  H.D.A.M.
Andrew received several awards as a young pianist, singer and saxaphone player.   His vast interest in music took him to Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology where he was awarded a Teaching Scholarship,  graduating with an Honours Diploma in Applied Music.   His innate talent for composing, arranging and performing was further displayed at York University where Andrew received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree in music.   Andrew studied with many well-known music educators and talented performers, such as   Nick Deutsch,   Frank Falco,   John Giddens,   Paul Hoffert,   Jim Howard,   Chris Hunt,   David James,   Lorne Lofsky,   Mike Malone,   George McFetridge,  Dave McMurdo,   Etta Mitchell,   David Mott,   Oscar Peterson,   Ian Townsend,   Steve Wallace,   Nora Zis.

As a music teacher and director,  Andrew has worked at various schools in addition to Mohawk College.   His talents have been sought out by several theatre companies,  including   Penny Farthing Players,   A-maize Theatre Productions,   Lindsey Theatre Company,   Unionville Theatre Company.   Known as a musician who excels in uniting art with technology,  Andrew continues to work with both Canadian and International recording artists.

Being a professional composer,  arranger,  lyricist,  vocalist  and  performer  working in all major musical styles, provides Andrew the necessary knowledge in order to create the appropriate music program required for today's ultimate music goals.